DIY Wax Seals


I have always loved how wax seals look and wanted to include them on my invitations (see how I made my invitations here).  I had a look online and found these great wax sealing sticks that fit into a hot glue gun.  I ordered them and am so glad I did!  Traditionally for wax seals, you melt wax over paper with a flame, allowing it to drip onto the page.  By using these sticks I could heat just enough wax in the glue gun and it was much easier to control the amount of wax coming out with the trigger.

Items you will need for this project:

  • Wax sealing sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Ice cube
  • Paper
  • Metal Sealing Stamp (I purchased my ‘W’ stamp from Michaels)

Begin by pre-heating your glue gun.


Keep your embossing stamp on ice to keep it cold.


Squeeze wax onto the paper where you want your seal to be.  Put a dollop of wax just larger than your stamp.


Remove your stamp from the ice and dry it.  Quickly place stamp onto your hot wax.  Lightly push down.


Remove the stamp and you are left with a beautiful wax seal!



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