Wedding Bunting Banners with Free Templates

Bunting Banner-6

I love bunting banners and wanted to use them for our wedding wherever I could!  I first made one for our Save the Date and it was so easy I just had to keep going!

Save the date- FinalBunting banner-9Bunting banner-8

 Although i love the look of burlap, I just find it such a pain to work with!  it’s difficult to cut, fussy to sew etc.  I was brainstorming and realised that kraft paper would look just as good and be SO MUCH EASIER to work with! As you may have seen in other posts, I have used a lot of cardstock kraft paper (purchased from Michaels) for many projects.

Items you will need to create this project:

  • Cardstock kraft paper
  • Printer and ink to print letters
  • Paper trimmer
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Ribbon
  • Double-sided-tape


Print the letters on card stock (templates are below).

For the larger bunting banners (Our engagement photo/wedding date one as well as our ‘Just Married’ sign) I used an entire sheet of cardstock.  For the smaller banners (‘Mad Libs’ and ‘Cards’), I printed two letters per sheet and cut the sheet in half to create two smaller rectangles with the letters.

Using acrylic paint (purchased from the dollar store), I painted the letters and allowed them to dry.


Once dry, find the middle of the bottom of the sheet i.e. under the letter.  Cut from the top left corner, down to the middle point on an angle, then from the top right corner down to the middle point, eventually resulting in a triangle.

Bunting Banner-1

Once you have all of your letters cut into triangles, prepare your ribbon, cutting it to the right length for your banner.

Lay the ribbon down and on the back of it, put a strip of double sided tape.

Bunting banner-2

Stick the top (wider part) of the triangle to the ribbon.  I liked the look of the ribbon so put mine at the front of the sign so you would see it above the letters.

Bunting banner-3

And that’s it!  You do this to each of the triangles in order until you have attached all of them to the ribbon.

Bunting banner- ribbon

Bunting banner-7

Just a note: Upon further thought, I remembered that I actually reinforced the ‘Just Married’ banner we put on the vehicle as I was concerned about it holding up to the wind.  Behind each triangle I duck taped the top of the ribbon and the top of the cardstock just as added reinforcement.  It worked well and still looked new at the end of a long day of driving around!



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