Personalized Hershey Kisses for wedding or a party with free template


I saw the idea for these cute personalized Hershey Kisses on this blog and thought it would add a personal touch to my Wedding Crackers.

I used “Avery Print or Write Round Multiuse Labels” and printed a different message for each kind of Hershey Kisses we had (four kinds).  The other blog mentioned ordering them off of the Hershey’s website but the smallest amount you can purchase is 25lbs (approximately 2000 pieces) and we didn’t need nearly that many!  We found a good deal at a local drug store on sale and were able to purchase different kinds.

Once the labels were printed we stuck them on to the different kinds of hershey kisses we had purchased.

A really easy project that turned out to be really cute!

Word Documents for the labels I created:



3 thoughts on “Personalized Hershey Kisses for wedding or a party with free template

  1. Ok.. I’m sorry ,, not really an idiot, but not great with computers. Will you please let me know how these work. How do I turn it into a printable page and will they line up on the labels, they look all jumbled up. I love the idea and would love to do this for a shower I’m planning if you will help me. Thank you so much for your help!! 😃


    • Hi Rita,
      When I opened the link on my phone, the document looked jumbled, but when I opened them from my computer in Microsoft Word, they did not. If they still appear jumbled when you open them through Microsoft Word on your computer, my guess would be that you have a different version of Microsoft Word than I do. If all else fails, all ‘Avery’ brand labels have a template available on their website (, you just enter the label number and a Word document comes up with the template. You can then enter the above ideas yourself.
      I apologize for the confusion and I hope this helps!


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