Oh Sh*t Kits / Hangover Kits for Bachelorette Party

Oh Shit Kits2

I saw this idea on Pinterest and just had to make them for all of the girls that attended my bachelorette party.

I got a great document from this blog and changed some of the wording around to create the document that I attached to the bags.  Rather than doing a card like they did in the blog, I just made a two sided piece of paper.

OhShitKit2  OhShitKit3

 I printed the cards on cardstock kraft paper, two per page. Using a paper trimmer I cut the pages in half.


I used a hole puncher to put two holes at the top of the cards and then, using ribbon, attached the cards to the front of the paper bags.

I purchased kraft paper bags from the dollar store (although I’ve also seen them at craft stores) and included a bottle of water, a small can of gingerale, mints, chocolate (they were in the shape of bandaids, purchased from a local chocolate shop) and then I filled little glass vials (purchased empty from the dollar store) with Gravol, Zantac and Ibuprofen (Motrin).

chocolate bandaids  OhShitKit1

I printed the labels for the vials using return address labels.


They turned out really cute and were much appreciated the day following the bachelorette party!

Template for Hangover / Oh Shit Kit Cards:

Hangover Kit Front

Hangover Kit Back


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