Drink Tickets- Free Template!

Drink Tickets

We did a $2 bar for our wedding reception but still wanted to provide people with a free drink.  I decided rather than using the rolls of tickets you can get from most dollar stores (granted, would have been easier!) I wanted to make my own, something with a little more personality.  I found a few ideas on etsy like this and this but I wanted to try making something myself.

Unfortunately I had to use a few different programs so you can’t change the wording on it so the document (link is below) has the same thing on both sides “REDEEM FOR ONE STIFF DRINK.”  They still look super cute though and would be a good quick project to add to your wedding reception.

We put one in each wedding cracker (our favours) and everyone loved them!

Print on to cardstock paper, I used kraft cardstock paper purchased from Michaels.

Cut along the lines with a paper trimmer and you’re done!

Download your Drink Ticket Template: Drink Tickets

Drink Tickets- Stiff drink


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