Wedding favours- DIY crackers/poppers with free templates


I have always loved Christmas crackers with holiday meals and thought it would be a fun way to package our wedding favours using our wedding colours.  I got the initial idea of how to go about making them from this blog.

Supplies Needed for this Project:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Cracker snaps (I purchased mine at Michaels over the Christmas season but you can also order them online here)
  • Double sided tape
  • Paper in your wedding colour (mine was a thick fabric-like paper but crepe or tissue paper would work as well)
  • Ribbon
  • Candy or other prizes to put in your Crackers
  • Jokes or facts (Word Documents for Wedding Jokes and Facts are below)

Leading up to the wedding we saved every toilet paper roll and with the help of family had enough to make wedding crackers for each of our wedding guests (150 people).

Pre-cut your paper and ribbon to the size required.  Because mine had a more fabric-like quality I cut it on a craft cutting board using a rotary cutter.


Begin by taping one edge of the paper to your toilet paper roll.

Roll the paper on to cover the roll and tape the other end.


Insert your cracker snap and tie one end.


Fill the cracker with candy, treats and/or jokes.


For our candy we included a few werthers caramels, salt water taffy and used Hershey Kisses with printed labels to go on the bottom of each one. We got this cute idea from this blog.  See my other post to view how to do this project.

Tie the other end with Ribbon.


We also used ours as place cards so printed square Avery labels with each person’s name on it and attached these to the crackers.

Jokes and Marriage Facts Templates:

I cut these out using a paper trimmer which made it a quick task and gave each person one marriage fact and one joke in their cracker.


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