Wedding Ceremony Program- Free Template

Program 2

Getting married in the summer, I was concerned that it would become quite warm in the church while our guests were waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin and thought making some kind of fan would be a cute idea.  Another concern I had was that people would become bored while waiting for us to arrive at the ceremony.  After looking at different ideas on pinterest I decided to create a double sided program with information about the ceremony on one side and created a crossword or word search for the back.  I added and handle and voila! An entertaining program/fan!

Program 1

I created the Word Search and Crossword using a program offered free here using questions and words related to weddings and my new husband and I. Once they were created, I took a screen shot of them using MWSnap (a free program) and pasted them into the word document.  I found when I screen shot both the puzzle and the words under them, the words under didn’t come out very clearly when printed.  I ended up just doing a screen shot of the actual puzzle and then manually entering the writing on the document (you will see it when you open the documents below).

I printed the programs onto cardstock kraft paper purchased from Michaels.  I printed half with crosswords and half with word searches on the back.

Once printed, I folded them in half and trimmed some paper off the edge and bottom to make them a bit smaller using this paper trimmer.  I used a corner puncher to give a rounded edge to all of the corners.

I purchased tongue depressors from the dollar store and attached them to the centre middle of the programs using double sided tape.  I also put double sided tape around the edges of the inside of the program to hold it closed.

At the wedding we alternated giving people crosswords and word search programs.  We also had a basket of these golf pencils that were handed out with each program.

People had a lot of fun with the programs and it got lots of people, that otherwise wouldn’t have met, talking.  Also, as expected, the church was fairly warm so people greatly appreciated being able to fan themselves.

Although these were a little fussy to create on the computer, putting them together was super easy and now that the document is put together for you, should be a quick and easy DIY project for you to make!

When you open the documents below you will notice that it is actually two pages.  When you go to ‘File’ then ‘Print’ a window labeled ‘Print’ will open.  On the bottom right hand side it says ‘Pages per sheet’ and select 2 pages. It will then print both sides onto one page.

Ceremony Program with crossword: Ceremony program- full page with crossword

Ceremony Program with word search: Ceremony program- full page with word search


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