Super easy DIY “Blackboard” looking sign

Wedding Thank You Cards

I saw this idea on pinterest and thought the photo of them holding the ‘Thank you’ sign could easily be printed onto a card and used for thank you cards following the wedding.  I decided to do something similar.  I love blackboards and made many to be used at the reception hall but was running out of time (I had this idea only a few days before the wedding!) so was looking for a short cut.  Instead of using blackboard paint to paint wood that I would have had to also cut, I decided to try black cardstock paper as the background and it worked!

Thank you card

Take a piece of black cardstock paper (I bought mine from Michaels) and cut it down to fit in a picture frame (I removed the glass from the frames and didn’t use it).

Using a chalk marker, write on the sign and frame it.  Voila! You’re done!

Chalk Marker (I purchased this one from the dollar store but they are also at most craft stores):

Chalk Marker

I also made other signs to put around our reception hall encouraging our guests to # our event on social media so everyone could see each other’s photos following the wedding.


Blackboard diy\


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