Out of Town Bags and Booklets- Free Template

Out of town bags1

Only a handful of our 150 wedding guests were local, the rest were from out of town, many from out of province or even country.  For this reason I thought an out of town information booklet would be especially helpful.  We included information on our favourite restaurants and other sights we wanted people to see while visiting for our wedding.

I took a screen shot of the map off of Google Maps and then added letters and numbers to coincide with the restaurants and sights we recommended.  We created the map using Snagit Editor (they offer a free trial of the program which is all I used to make the map).

The Word Document for the Out of Town Booklet I created: Out of town booklets

Although the restaurants and sights are likely not relevant to your area, you could easily change it out for places near you.

I put the booklets in simple kraft paper bags with a few bottles of water.  I wrote on the bags with a chalk marker with each person’s name.  I also printed labels with the family’s name that their room was booked under and their check-in date for the hotel so that when we delivered them to the hotel, they knew who to hand them out to.

For the kids visiting from out of town I again used simple kraft paper bags and wrote on them with a chalk pen with each child’s name.  I included lots of goodies from the dollar store; colouring books, pencil crayons, crayola wax crayons, playing cards, granola bars, apple sauce and juice boxes.

Our out of town guests were so grateful to have this and it really wasn’t difficult to put together!

My cat, Georgie, loved them too!

Out of town bags2


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