Will you be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour Books


I found so many fabulous “Will you be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour” ideas on PInterest but many were large and, unless you lived near your entire wedding party, would be expensive to ship.  One of my bridesmaids lived out of Country and two others lived several hours away so they needed to be easily mailed.  I opted for little books and personalized them to each girl.


Page 1: 4×6 photo of one of my bridesmaids and I

Page 2: “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” Poem


Page 3: “Your Role” describing what I wanted from each girl as my bridesmaid

Page 4: “Our Day” Included information regarding the date, time and location of our wedding


Page 5 and 6: Collages that I created of what our ceremony and reception hall look like

I created the collages using Picasa, a free photo editing program by Google.  Once the collage was created I had it printed as a 4×6 photo through a photo centre


Page 7: “Your Dresses” included information about what I wanted the bridal dresses to look like

Page 8: Another collage created on Picasa of dresses I liked, to give the girls’ an idea of what I had in mind


Page 9 and 10: “My Girls” gave a short description on my friendship with each girl

Last Page (not pictured): I put one final 4×6 photo of me with each girl

My bridal party absolutely loved these and it provided a great memento for each of the girls to keep.

I used generic cards from Michaels and laid two on top of each other.

Be my Bridesmaid

After punching two holes near the spine I bound them into books with ribbon.  I attached the information and pictures to the book using double sided tape.  The lace you see at the top of some photos was also stuck on with double sided tape.

Word Document for all the write-ups in the book: Bridesmaids- Your Role

I printed the write-up on cardstock kraft paper.  The titles were printed in a very light colour and then I went over them with a gold Sharpie marker which looked really sharp.


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