Monogrammed Water Bottles


I saw this idea on Pinterest (here) and thought it was great.  Many people around me thought it was a little overboard but so am I so it was perfect!

Things you will need for this project:

  • Water bottles
  • Duck tape in your wedding colour (I purchased mine from Joann’s with a coupon).
  • Craft knife
  • Craft mat / cutting board
  • Labels (must use Avery 22814 labels to use my template below)
  • Printer and ink to print labels with

Water Bottles2


Remove labels from water bottles

Measure out the amount of duck tape you require to wrap around the water bottle.  The easiest way I found was to pre-measure around the water bottle (plus a tiny bit for overlap) with masking tape.  I then taped the masking tape to the top of my craft mat for reference. Lay this amount of duck tape across your craft mat/cutting board.  Using your craft knife slice the correct amount of tape and peel the tape off the cutting board.

Water Bottles3

The easiest way I found to get the duck tape onto the water bottle was to lay the duck tape down on the table sticky side up.  Place the water bottle against the edge of the tape and slowly roll the water bottle onto the tape until the tape wraps around the entire water bottle.

I used Avery brand labels for all of my projects because they always provide a free, easy to use blank template online to print onto the labels.

I wanted to have a monogram style on mine so created these ‘W’ labels.

The template for the labels I created (it would be easy enough to just change the letter to suit your needs): Water bottle labels

I then stuck these onto each of the water bottles and voila! Done and super cute.

Waterbottles cropped


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